Tracking the rare Mountain Gorilla through the rain forests of Uganda or Rwanda will be one of the highlights of your life! The Mountain Gorilla is an endangered species with an estimated number in 2010 of 790. Gorilla Trekking is carefully monitored and only a certain number of permits are issued every day. The fact that travelers are able to they are able to get so close to them, in the impenetrable forest they dwell in, is an amazing feat in itself.

There are 3 countries where Gorilla Trekking is possible: Uganda, Rwanda, and the DRC. In Uganda, they are found in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. And in Rwanda on the slopes of the Virunga Mountains. Both these destinations are accessible to tourists. Gorilla Trekking guides are on hand to get you as close as possible to these magnificent creatures. There are several guidelines to follow when Gorilla Trekking.

One permit gets you one hour with the Gorillas. All details are highlighted in a briefing before your Gorilla Trekking commences. Walking conditions can be tough with thick rainforest, valleys, and steep hills, often very wet conditions, and sometimes 5-7 hours of walking before you find the Gorilla group. It is all worth it in the end and most people return from the encounter looking to walk straight back into that impenetrable forest for another round!

In the words of one of our Gorilla Trekking consultants – “We were so close to them and mesmerized by how calm they stayed and how easy-going they are. It was an extraordinary experience and a powerful encounter!”

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