Tanzania Safari Tours offer 16 iconic national parks in its 3 circuits along with many nature reserves. While the Western and Southern circuit has some remote national parks; the northern circuit has some of the most crowded parks.

Northern circuit national parks are more popular in the Tanzania Safari Tours and receive most of the visitors that are coming to visit Tanzania Safari. Serengeti national park is considered one of the Best Safari in Tanzania as well as the best national parks of the African continent with the largest animal concentration. The national park welcomes travelers throughout the year. They are the best choice for your Tanzania Safari Tours.

Like Serengeti, another national park of Northern circuit Ngorongoro Conservation area attracts almost 60% of the total visitors that are coming to Tanzania. 

Bora Trekking will take you to the peerless national parks and game reserves in your Tanzania Safari Tours spread across the 3 major circuits.


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